Who is ResqDiver1317? I am a aspiring content creator from Southwest Missouri who has been gaming since childhood (pretty sure I started with Oregon Trail back in the mid to late 80's). These days I enjoy gaming with friends and family and sharing my love of gaming with the world via Twitch and YouTube. I enjoy a variety of different games and stream/post most of them. I started my channels a couple years ago but didn't do much with them due to mainly a lack of time but have recently started to put effort into growing my channels again and plan to continue to improve the quality of my content as well as streaming and posting on a regular basis. 

Where does the name ResqDiver1317 come from? This is a frequent question I get. When I first really started gaming in my adult years, I used the username ScubaCowboy but around the time I started into some new games, I discovered that username was taken so I had to choose a new one. I tried RescueDiver but that was also taken so I ended up with ResqDiver1317 which is a modified version of Rescue Diver and my badge number at the time for the SAR/Dive team I am on, Newton County Rescue and Recovery. 

Do you actually game with your family? Yes I do. Frequently in my content you will see my son, CaldyWaldy and my wife Racygne (Racy) and occasionally LulaHufflepuff and StormyHufflepuff (Racy's littles). Between Racy and myself, there is a total of 5 kids but only 3 of them game with us. 

What types of content do you stream/post? Currently, I'm working on streaming/recording several different games including Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, World of Warships, Golf With Your Friends, Among Us, Firefighting Simulator, and a few others. I am always looking for new games so if you have suggestions, please feel free to send me a message. Additionally, I have recently bought a DJI Mini 2 so coming soon to my YouTube channel will be videos shot from my drone around my area. Currently waiting for the weather to cool off so I'm not standing out in what feels like billion degree heat to capture video around my area. We have a lot of beautiful scenic sites for me to capture when the weather permits. 

I enjoy watching your videos and play that game, can I join you? Yes and no (lol sorry). Basically, there is several factors involved in the decision if we are playing with people outside our core group such as how many are going to play vs how many people can be in a group/squad as well as what our plans are. There are times where we just want to game with our core but there are also MANY times where we want extra people to help fill the group/squad. If you are interested in gaming with us, read the following guidelines:

  • Must be able to speak and understand English clearly.
  • You must join my Discord (this includes reading and agreeing to the rules and guidelines for my Discord server).
  • Unless it has been clearly stated, assume at all times while in voice channels that someone is recording and/or streaming and act accordingly. This has been a big issue in the past where people would come in and say things that are in violation of Twitch/YouTube TOS or just in poor taste. While my content is rated Mature, this is mainly for the allowance of mild profanity.
  • Do not come into voice channels if you are not currently or about to join us in game. 
  • If asked to leave (or removed from) a voice channel due to actions that are disturbing the creation of content or disturbing/distracting the others while gaming, do not just come back into the channel if you are going to continue the same actions.
  • Refrain from promoting other content channels, discords, or websites without the explicit permission of a member of the Station 13 Chief Staff.