Station 13 / ResqDiver1317’s Discord Rules, Guidelines, and Information.

Before joining our Discord server, please read ALL the rules and information below! Joining our Discord server will be taken as your acceptance of these terms.

Welcome to “Station 13”, the official Discord server for ResqDiver1317, his friends, and his fans.
This is a mature server so by joining Resq’s discord, you acknowledge that you are of appropriate age and maturity to be a part of a mature server. I want to be able to interact with all of my friends and fan as much as possible and while my Department Officers and I will do our best to keep extreme posts out of this server, some stuff may slip past. If you are easily offended by casual adult content and language, enter at your own risk.
  1. No hate speech of any type (Racism, Religion, Politics, Sexual Orientation, etc…)
  2. Be respectful to others.
  3. Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware results in an immediate and permanent ban.
  4. Do not spam chat.
  5. Excessive foul language, sexual statements, and abusive comments will not be permitted.
  6. The use of @everyone and @here is only permitted by members of Department Officers (moderators) or higher.



  1. This is a mature server to accompany a twitch channel that is marked for a mature audience. Foul language and adult conversation is permitted however, it must be in moderation. Excessive profanity, sexual language, etc… is not permitted.
  2. No religion, politics, or other hot topic issues.
  3. We are all gamers, and as such, we tend to get loud occasionally. Excessive or constant loudness or sudden unnecessary loud noises/yelling is not permitted.
  4. Stream-Lounge
    1. This room will be used when we are live streaming or recording our gameplay.
    2. We will move people into and/or out of this room at our discretion.
    3. If you are being excessively loud, rude, obnoxious, or otherwise inappropriate, you will be kicked out of the lounge.
    4. Unless we specifically asked you to come join us in the Lounge, DO NOT ask to be pulled into this room.
    5. In addition to the Station Rules, all rules regarding content on Twitch streams must be followed as well. In order to protect our Twitch channels, we will always err on the side of caution regarding content in regards to both content violations AND general content quality.
  5. Game Specific Channels
    1. Game Specific channels (GTA, Rocket League, etc…) are setup so Station members playing those games have somewhere they can easily chat while playing.
    2. While I encourage everyone to interact with each other and make new friends, please be respectful in those rooms.
    3. At times, we may use these rooms while streaming. If a streamer is in the room, streaming or recording, Twitch content rules are in effect.
  6. Above all else, be respectful to everyone else in the channel with you as well as anyone potentially listening on a stream or video.


GENERAL (both Voice and Text channels)

  1. Don't post/say someone's personal information without permission.
  2. Listen to the staff. If you are saying/doing something and staff asks you to stop, then stop. Even if you feel your actions were not in violation of the rules, Staff has the final say. Failure to do as staff requests, you may be muted, blocked, or banned from the server.
  3. Do not post graphic pictures of minors (<18yo). The rules/guidelines listed above are not all inclusive and are subject to change at any time without notice.


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